Physical activity in the mountains is not just hiking on the trails. Another equally interesting way to get to know the Tatra mountains is on a bike. This way, you take in a unique atmosphere and see the majestic peaks from a slightly different perspective.

Riding on two wheels is good for our health. Thanks to it, we oxygenate the body, improve its immunity, model the figure, and burn a lot of calories. Additionally, we release many endorphins, i.e., the hormones of happiness during activity, it makes us forget about stress, bad emotions, and puts a smile on our face.

For amateurs and experienced cyclists

The popularity of the category - Zakopane cycling routes is not surprising. Everyone who has ever gone on a trip on a two-wheeler knows that the impressions from it are indescribable. We emphasize one thing right away - the choice of paths for cyclists is abundant, which is why both amateurs and experienced cyclists will choose a route adapted to their abilities and expectations.

Be aware that traversing mountain areas is more complicated than lowland ones. However, this should not be discouraging. People who think their condition is poor and do not feel strong enough to take on the challenge of traveling demanding sections can use electric bikes. These vehicles give great support, thanks to them you can easily overcome considerable hills and paths that until now were out of reach. Importantly, even on an e-bike, you have to pedal, so we still engage in activity - we care about health and form.

Equally, if not more interesting, is the 10 km route - Zakopane - Krzeptowki - Zakopane, starting at the ski jump. By choosing it, we visit the house in which the famous highlander Jan Krzeptowski lived. The longer, 26 km, but also easy is the Zakopane - Harenda - Poronin - Cyrhla - Zakopane route. It leads along with the asphalt and forest road. It allows you to admire the fabulous landscapes, both when riding a bicycle and when ascending on the Harenda chairlift. By choosing this route, we can also see the chapel in the Witkiewicz style.

An exciting but more difficult route is 29 km - Zakopane - Zab - Gubalowka - Koscielisko - Zakopane. However, views of Giewont and the Western side of the Tatra mountains compensate for all the effort and make you understand that it is worth to follow this path. Enduring cyclists will be happy to choose the route - Zakopane - Droga pod Reglami - Dolina Chocholowska - Zakopane. Its great advantage is the ability to drive through the Tatra National Park. We'd like to point out that fans of the movie "Janosik" will stop for longer at the wooden church, which they could see on the screen earlier.