This codex aims to make you aware of what is best and what is worst for a true lover of cycling trips, to get the most joy out of safe cycling in the mountains. Follow these rules for your and others’ safety.

  1. We always ride in a helmet.
  2. the mountains, you can not ride a bike everywhere. In the Tatra National Park, you can go by bike to the Chocholowska Valley or the “Droga pod Reglami.” The current list of bicycle routes available at this link: For other routes, bicycles are not allowed due to the safety of people and animals. When crossing the park, remember to buy an entrance ticket.
  3. When moving around the city, remember about the road rules which every cyclist is obliged to follow.
  4. Keep the right side of the road while at a safe distance from the curb. This way, you won’t hinder a passing car to outrun you.
  5. Don’t stop suddenly without any need – clearly signal the intentions of all your maneuvers.
  6. Measure your strength – choose the route according to your capabilities.
  7. No cycling under the influence of alcohol.

Bikedoo Adventure – Zakopane.