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BIKEDOO Adventure
ul. Nowotarska 27B
34-500 Zakopane, Poland

Bikedoo is a brother company of Snowdoo and Quadoo. With us, you can book bicycle tours around Zakopane and the surrounding area accompanied by one of our Guides. Our staff members are communicating in different languages. We have beautiful and most importanly easy routes for everyone. The majority of roads are from top to bottom, i.e., they do not require strength in legs or fitness. Only the ability to ride a bike is essential. We also combine our trips with bonfires and catering services. Dive in the unforgettable climate that we prepared for you!

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Booking tours for tourists:
phone: +48 609 697 444
phone: +48 501 575 575
e-mail: info@bikedoo.pl

Group services / integration for companies:
phone: +48 501 560 560
e-mail: grupy@bikedoo.pl

Cooperation with Hotels and Offices:
tel: +48 501 560 560

Marketing and Business:
phone: +48 783 200 036