Riding the highest class bike in the mountains still requires a lot of effort! Is it true? No, because you always can choose an electric bike! During your ride, you will reach a very steep driveway but you climb it up with a smile on your face! Even amateurs without the physical condition can get on an electric bike and overcome the most demanding, but also the most beautiful routes in Zakopane. It is the strength and the most significant advantage of an e-bike - a cycling adventure available to everyone without effort and fatigue!
You get E-bike equipped with an electric motor. We use a little strength of our muscles, and the electric motor instantly supports us. Even the steepest climbs do not require much effort. Most importantly, we still feel great joy and feel as if we were riding a standard bike, but exceptionally easy! 🙂 Thanks to this, we can focus on enjoying the ride and admire the beautiful views.
With an electric bike, you can discover Zakopane and the entire Podhale region in a new way- the most beautiful corners, previously only available to experienced cyclists, are now available to everyone. Leave the car, avoid traffic jams, give up stress - enjoy life, be close to nature - rent E-BIKE!
Electric bikes in Zakopane are becoming more and more popular and book very quickly, which is why we strongly recommend booking in advance so that the chance for a great adventure on an e-bike is not lost! 🙂
Yes, Yes, Yes! 🙂 This is the power of an electric bicycle! A person without fitness will easily and pleasantly overcome even the most demanding routes.
Electric bikes allow you to overcome the routes very quickly and efficiently, and the trips we offer, e.g., 3-hour ones, always include a moment for a souvenir photo break, 🙂 However, if you want to change and extend your adventure spontaneously, you will only pay for the exceeded time. The fee is paid for every minute exceeded (according to the current price list) - so if you are a dozen minutes late, then you do not have to pay for another hour - very convenient! 🙂
Each customer receives a charged bike - the amount of energy is undoubtedly sufficient for the duration of the rental declared by the customer with a considerable supply. If you significantly extend the trip time and it gets discharged ... you go on! 🙂 Your electric bike will then turn into a regular bike. **