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Electric bikes Zakopane – active discovery of the mountains has never been so pleasant!

Electric bikes Zakopane – active discovery of the mountains has never been so pleasant!

When new paths in the Podhale region tempt you and more peaks are still unconquered it is high time to change that. Zakopane is the perfect place for anyone looking for unforgettable views and challenging, but beautiful routes. Do you like difficult descents and extreme obstacles? Interesting passes, little-frequented forest paths, mud and stones are interesting for you. You want to see more, get farther and do it all in the shortest possible time the best solution will be an electric bicycle.

Electric bikes Zakopane with
Electric bikes Zakopane with

It is unquestionably worth it!

Wondering if you can get tired on an electric bicycle? Of course! Those who know the capabilities of an electric bike know that you can and it is worth a little sweat. If you’re looking for equipment that will open up new possibilities for you and give you options for getting more miles. It’s time to have fun that will screw you forever. With an electric bike, you’ll find that setting new goals has never been so much fun.

Electric bikes are a great option for people who are physically active, but not only. It’s a perfect piece of equipment for the elderly and those who spend a lot of time in offices and no longer remember what the next kilometers gained are. Thanks to the “special booster” you will overcome demanding climbs faster and more efficiently. In addition, you will simply get tired less! A bicycle with an electric motor means new possibilities!

Zakopane is a place to explore with pleasure and a large dose of positive emotions.

Electric bikes Zakopane: even more!

Electric bikes Zakopane - active discovery of the mountains has never been so pleasant!
Electric bikes Zakopane – active discovery of the mountains has never been so pleasant!

A scenic route in Zakopane with places where the Tatra Mountains are at your fingertips? An extreme challenge with a large portion of memories? Or maybe an easy option for families with children? You have many options to choose from with the most beautiful places in Podhale. Do you like to brag about your successive climbs – there you go!

Only with us in the bike rental you will find a variety of routes in addition. Specify your skills and we will find for you a comfortable solution and a trip to your liking.

Zakopane is electric bicycles. Electric trekking bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, children’s bikes, road bikes, as well as child seats and trailers!


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Plan for a fantastic relaxation in the Tatra Mountains – bike tours

Hiking the Tatra Mountains trails is an exciting plan for relaxation. However, we offer other outdoor activities that will also bring a lot of positive impressions. It is about bike trips. We want to emphasize immediately, the selection of routes is so large that both amateurs and experienced cyclists will find something tailored to their abilities. Bikes Zakopane – a rich department, full of valuable tips for everyone who wants to explore mountain areas on two wheels.

Lots of advantages

Cycling has many pluses. It allows you to burn calories, shape your figure, strengthen muscles, improve the cardiovascular system, coordination, and endurance. The influence on our psyche is impressive. During exercise, we release hormones of happiness and endorphins. Stress disappears, we forget about negative emotions. Traveling through beautiful, green areas allows us to relax, calm down, and detach from all everyday matters, from reality. Every kilometer is a reason to be proud. We are continually setting new goals and trying to achieve them. With experience, we choose increasingly tricky routes. Our motivation increases, and despite the fatigue, we gain a lot of strength and positive energy.

Interesting bicycle routes

Beginner cyclists will like the route Zakopane – Krzeptowki – Zakopane. It is about a 10 km long track full of not only fairy-tale landscapes but also monuments, such as the “Sanktuarium Matki Bożej Fatimskiej” or the old highlander’s cottage in which the famous singer and storyteller Jan Krzeptowski lived. Another suggested route is longer – 26 km -Zakopane – Harenda – Poronin – Cyrhla – Zakopane.

Section Zakopane – Gubalowka – Chocholow – Witow – Zakopane is dedicated to more experienced cyclists. During the ride, we have the opportunity to see, among others, “A living open-air museum of Podhale architecture.” Those who are not afraid of challenges and are in excellent condition should choose the route Zakopane – Droga Pod Reglami – Dolina Chocholowska – Zakopane with a length of almost 40 km. This very trail is shared by the Tatra National Park here we can see the true beauty of nature, the vista is incredible. Also, the route allows passing by a real shepherds’ huts or a wooden church.

If we do not have our own two-wheeler, and we are tempted by a ride and intend to focus on being active, let’s go to one of the companies providing reliable vehicles. There are quite a lot of offers – Zakopane bike rental. The prices they propose are very affordable, which also makes the desire to explore even higher, explore nature, monuments, and give yourself a challenge.

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In the Tatra Mountains on two wheels!

Heading to the mountains, we intend to spend most of the time in fresh air to take in the atmosphere of wilderness and enjoy the spectacular views. People who lead an active lifestyle will definitely be delighted to ride a bike and receive a lot of positive impressions.
You don’t have to be experienced cyclists to have a good ride on a bike. The routes are different, and there is plenty of options for beginners. A lot of interesting facts about this topic can be found on webpages devoted to this type of activity. Zakopane bikes – this short phrase entered in the search engine allows us to surf through many websites.

Why explore the mountains on a bike?

To ride on a bike through the mountains is an opportunity to experience the true beauty of it. Tatra nature is almost at your fingertips. Being surrounded by greenery and majestic peaks makes us totally cut off from reality, worries, and responsibilities. Suddenly everything ceases to exist. All that matters is to reach the destination, overcome the route.
We focus on the present moment. We are calm, relaxed, and full of energy. In addition, cycling improves our health. We develop our endurance, motor coordination, sculpt muscles, and support the work of the circulatory system.

Choosing the right route

Amateurs should not select routes that are too demanding. Even if they do not lack motivation and willingness to act, without experience, they very quickly recognize that traveling the section episode is unfortunately impossible. We start to become angry and disappointed and maybe even decide to end the ride. To avoid this, you need to choose the route correctly. Beginners are recommended the road Zakopane – Krzeptowki – Zakopane it is about 10 km long. Overcoming this track will allow us to witness a breathtaking landscape, and will pass a famous ski jump – Wielka Krokiew. Another option is also easy, although longer – 26 km – Zakopane – Harenda – Poronin – Cyrhla – Zakopane. Experienced cyclists, which are not afraid of challenges, willingly choose the route Koscielisko – Dolina Chocholowska. Significant differences in altitude, making it hard to ride, although overcoming them and being proud of yourself is a great reward.

Zakopane – bike rental – it’s worth reviewing this type of offer. In addition to high-quality two-wheelers, these companies offer various routes. You just need to define your skills. It is a very convenient solution for everyone who does not want to plan trips on two wheels by themselves.

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Zakopane – Attractions for lazy ones

Bike tours – a fantastic way of relaxation

When visiting the city under Giewont Mountain, we are sure that we will not be bored for a moment. The charming and unique atmosphere and exciting landscapes, as well as monuments of highlander culture, will catch the eye. Many people come there to wander the mountains all day or go skiing or ice skating in the winter season.

Electric bicycles – modern vehicles that are worth appreciating

We don’t always have a desire for challenging activities. Sometimes it’s worth to rest a bit and focus on entertainment that will not cost us a lot of effort. Category “zakopane – attractions for the lazy ones” is the solution. E-Bike ride is an experience worth trying. These vehicles provide excellent support with wich hard to ride sections, not a challenge. You can overcome more kilometers and significant differences in elevation. Thanks to this invention, we enjoy cycling, and at the same time, we are not worried that we will have to give it up halfway, due to lack of strength or physical condition. At the same time, we still exercise, we need to involve muscles to pedal it out. However, we use the help of an electric engine to simplify the task.

Wandering through Zakopane and the surrounding area on two wheels allows us to enjoy and value the experience. We reach various magical corners close to nature and enjoy the views of high peaks all along. That’s why we visit the Tatras! Fortunately, you do not need to be an experienced cyclist to discover the Podhale region. It is worth testing modern solutions, solid, proven, and comfortable vehicles. Move ahead and explore the uniqueness of the mountains.