Podhale can surprise you nicely. Beautiful views, fascinating nature, colorful culture, impressive architecture, and unique atmosphere - rest in this region is a great idea. People who decide to come to the city near Giewont can be sure that they will not even think about boredom.

What to do in Zakopane?

There are many options. One of them, worth recommending, is outdoor activities. If the weather allows, it is worth to decide on an electric bike ride. We assure you that it will provide a lot of fun!

Why an e-bike?

As you know, traversing highland areas is a challenge. But, thanks to an e-bike, people who don't have the best physical condition still can easily go for a ride, without fear that after a few kilometers they will be forced to give up because of a lack of strength. Two-wheelers equipped with an electric drive are great support for cyclists. You still need to use muscles and pedal. This is, of course, a plus, because you do not lose the opportunity to take care of your health and form.

The electric bike will be appreciated by everyone who wants to be active and fully enjoy the local atmosphere and at the same, not exert himself/herself completely. E-bike is a perfect solution for it.

Get to know the city and its surroundings

Zakopane - sightseeing - type it in a search engine, if you want to find out which attractions are the most interesting and where to go. An e-bike ride around the city will bring a lot of joy. Observing the surroundings, admiring the characteristic architecture, is a valuable experience. You cannot miss the famous Krupowki street. We advise you to reserve some time to explore this fantastic pedestrian street. The wooden architecture trail is also popular. The 12 km route is easy. Going on this trail, you visit a ski jump "Wielka Krokiew," the church designed by Witkiewicz, or old highlander's cottages.

When we have a desire to escape from the city and visit quiet corners where nature reigns, one should think about a trip, e.g., to the Tatra National Park, where some parts of the road also designated for bike fans. We recommend the route along the green trail from Siwa Polana to the shelter in the Chocholowska Glade, or the blue trail from Kuznice to the Kalatowki Glade. The views that appear there are unbelievable. They allow you to relax and gain positive energy, and that's is what everyone who visits the mountains wants.

Looking for an answer to the question - what can you do in Zakopane? It is necessary to focus on forms of recreation that combine the opportunity to learn about the city and the surrounding area with care for health and well-being. There is no doubt that trips on e-bikes will meet these expectations.